Quality Commitment

Quality Control

Quality Assurance

Our goal is to ensure we make the highest quality seafood products by using only the best ingredients in the cleanest possible environment.

With the continual increase in demand for seafood, we have expanded our Quality Assurance Department. Our Quality Assurance Technicians are in place to monitor incoming raw materials, record temperatures, ensure product specifications are met, and maintain excellence in plant sanitation throughout the day.

It is not enough for Ocean Galley Seafood to just FOLLOW the rules and regulations. We strive to EXCEED them so that we can guarantee that our customers receive the finest and safest products available in the marketplace.

A comprehensive Seafood Processing Employee Training Program is also in place to train and update our staff with the most current sanitation methods and practices in the industry.

Ocean Galley Seafood has been a Type One USDC Inspection facility since 1991 and has always abided by all guidelines set forth in the US Food and Drug Administrations mandatory seafood HACCP regulations (21 CFR Part 123).

Ocean Galley Seafood is regularly inspected by the Florida Department of Agriculture, the United States Department of Commerce, the Food & Drug Administration as well as independent third party audits. Our staff is HACCP trained and multiple employees are HACCP certified. We also have multiple employees who are certified Safe Food Managers.

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