Our Chef

Ocean Galley Seafood is 100% committed to bringing you only the finest quality in seafood products. We also want them to appear and taste as though you have “been in the kitchen all day.” Therefore we have world class chef, Thomas Mari. He is on site daily creating and developing new recipes as well as maintaining the quality of our products. Tom has been a part of the team for about eight years and running. He has been a tremendous help with developing new items and maintaining the quality.

          Tom attended college at the Culinary Institute of America. Only having to complete a three year course in a year and half due to exceptional prior experience by being trained under the tutelage of the following Gold Metal Chefs: Otto Spielbicher, Abel Bomberault, and Hubert Schmeider. He is currently a member of the American Culinary Federation, The Professional Institute of Chef’s in America, and Research Chefs Association

          Chef Mari has over 35 years of extensive experience as an executive chef for major hotels and resorts. Some of these places include: Ritz Tower in New York City and the Tampa Hilton Hotel in Tampa, Florida. Along with working in the resorts and hotels Tom has also owned and operated an Italian Restaurant called Mari’s Café located in Ozona, Florida. The Café seats 80, with a full-service bar and outside dinning area. You may also want to look and ask for his new fantastic line of salad dressings (Mari’s Dressings) at your local supermarket.

          Chef Thomas Mari’s expertise and experience has greatly contributed to the success of our products. He also gives our company the unique ability to create and customize products for our customers

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