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  1. trần tiến khoa

    Dear Sir / madam

    I am Khoa, a Managing Director Assistant, from Hai Vuong Group. We are currently one of the largest processor and exporter of Tuna and other frozen fish products in Vietnam. We have exported products to above 50 countries all over the world.

    We would like to offer you our best product at this time:

    – – Frozen CO/Non CO Yellowfin Tuna: Fillet, Loin, Chunk, Saku, Steak, Cube, Ground meat.
    – – Frozen Precooked Tuna (Yellowfin Tuna, Bigeye Tuna, Albacore, Skipjack, Bonito): Loin, Chunk, Flake.
    – – Frozen Wahoo, Mahi mahi, Swordfish, Oilfish/Escolar, Tilapia: Fillet, Loin, Chunk, Portion, Cube.
    – Payment term: LC, TT, DP

    – Shipment time: 3 weeks after confirming order

    The attached file is our company catalogue.

    Please contact us for further discussion

  2. Chris Bentley

    -t has been a while since I have done business with your company. Currently I am working with a Scottish salmon company and would like to speak to someone in purchasing to see if you may be interested in our products.
    I look forward to your reply.
    Kindest Regards,
    Chris Bentley

  3. Diego Godoy

    Universal Fish

    5540 nw 108pl
    Miami , FL ,33166
    \November 4, 2015

    Universal Fish is importer and distributor center of fish. We export all our products from the Caribbean ocean and Ecuador. Our company is an exporter of different varieties of fresh and frozen fish. Our distribution range starts from South America to all over the world we provide too major food service companies, processors, distributors. We have a staff of highly experience fish & seafood professionals. With the experience needed to provide you with what is best in the market, and our number one goal is to deliver the finest quality products that the market has. As you can perceive in the list below is all the fish we have to offer. Please write back for more information about the following for pictures, and more detailed explanations. We are dedicated to deliver our products in a timely manner. Our products are listed below:
    1. Banga mary 16. Black Fly
    2. Sea Catfish 17.Blue fin tuna
    3. Weak fish 18. Katriki
    4. katriki steak 19.Corvine
    5. Corvina steak 20. lane/red/dog snapper
    6. B-linerIf 21.Brown snapper and silver snapper
    7. King fish Spanish mackerel 22.Barracuda
    8. Shark steak 23.Look down
    9. Pompido 24. Moon fish
    10. Poyo 25.Croaker
    11. Grunt 26.Cavalla jack
    12. Smalleye croaker 27. Silverbelt
    13. Silverbelt steak 28. Bnaga mary
    14. Black fly 29. Sea catfish
    15. Blue fish 30. Weak fish

    If you are interested in our product you should get in contact.

    Diego Godoy
    Amando Godoy

  4. Jeffrey Moore

    Don’t miss out on our next delivery!

    We are currently accepting orders for ROYAL RED SHRIMP and we estimate F/V Band of Gold will return to port in 7 – 10 days. If you are interested in placing an order please call, text, email or send a message via our Band of Gold Fisheries, Inc. Facebook page. To ensure our next delivery, please place your order at your earliest convenience.

    Royal Red Shrimp cook in half the time and require no salt. If overcooked they become too soft. They are delicate in texture, therefore, only cook in half the time. The depth in which they are caught is high in salinity, therefore, no salt when cooking. These shrimp are delicious simply boiled in water and dipped in melted butter (boil time approx. 1 min 45 sec and no longer than 2 min) Royal Reds are compared to lobster meat in taste and texture-sweet and buttery!

    If you order 3 pallets or more of our 10/15 Head On Royal Red Shrimp I.Q.F. the price is reduced. The Royal Red Shrimp are packaged in 50 lb. cases. Each pallet holds 30 cases and our truck carries 6 pallets.

    Please give me a call or email if you are interested in our Royal Red, Rock and/or Brown Shrimp.

    Best Regards,

  5. daniel benitez


    Panulirus Argus ( Caribbean Rock)
    Origin: FLORIDA
    Description: Live
    Method: Nasa caught
    Mortality: 3% or less
    Sizes: 360g- 1,500g
    Price: $22/kg not including air freight
    Terms: 100 % payment, shipment 24-48 hrs after deposit.
    Panulirus Argus (Caribbean Rock Lobster)
    Origin: Florida,
    Description: Frozen Whole (Antennas On)
    Method: Nasa Caught
    Process: IQF/ IWP
    Packing: 22 lbs Box
    Sizes: 360g -1,500g
    Certificates: FDA/ EU-CHINA
    Price: $22.50/ kg INCLUDING OCEAN FREIGHT
    Terms: 40% Deposit & Balance upon Presentation of Shipping Documentation
    Panulirus Argus (Caribbean Rock Lobster) COOKED
    Origin: Florida
    Description: Frozen Whole (Antennas On)
    Method: Nasa Caught
    Process: IQF/ IWP
    Packing: 22 lbs Box
    Certificates: FDA/ EU-CHINA
    Price: $23.50/ kg INCLUDING OCEAN FREIGHT
    Terms: 40% Deposit & Balance upon Presentation of Shipping Documentation
    Panulirus Argus (Caribbean Rock Lobster)
    Origin: Florida,Belize
    Description: Tails
    Method: Nasa Caught
    Process: IQF/ IWP
    Packing: 10 lbs Box
    Certificates: FDA/ EU/CHINA
    Price: $34.00 /kgs (USD) FOB WAREHOUSE
    Terms: 40% deposit and balance on email presentation of shipment documents.

    Thanking you in advance and wait your kind reply.

    1. daniel

      We have lobsters Wholesale live direct from the boat
      Contact me at

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