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Ocean Galley Seafood, Inc., was founded in 1986 as Mayport Wholesale Seafood, Inc., in Mayport, Florida. In 1989, the company’s growth required larger facilities and at that time moved to Green Cove Springs, Florida, where it is currently located. Since the move to Green Cove Springs, the facility has been enlarged three times to keep up with the company’s growth. The newest additions to the facility include a state of the art processing facility, a 120,960 cubic foot freezer, a 24,000 cubic foot refrigerated storage room, and a breading and frying line.

Ocean Galley Seafood has always operated under USDC Type 1 Inspection Program and since November of 1997, we have met and exceeded all new HACCP regulations. We take great pride in our quality as well as our superior customer service. Our goal is to provide quality products at fair prices and build our business on honesty and integrity.

Ocean Galley Seafood is capable of meeting a variety of processing and packaging needs. Our flexibility when it comes to packaging allows the customer to choose how an item is packed, everything from boxes, trays, vacuum, or skin packs and bags. Our in house chef is able to create and customize products that will suit your needs. He is always looking for new, innovative ways to please our customers and ultimately yours.

Ocean Galley Seafood currently manufactures a complete line of value-added stuffed products using our own recipes. There has been a major increase in seafood consumption over the past decade. One of the primary reasons for that growth is a trend toward a healthier, lighter diet. Consumers are more knowledgeable about the nutritional value of seafood. At Ocean Galley, we are prepared to meet those demands with wholesome quality products at very competitive prices.

Our goal is to build our business on honesty, integrity
and to provide quality products at fair prices.


  1. M Kelleher


    1. Where can I buy 16 oz. crabmeat stuffing in zip code 29909?

    2. We have a package in our freezer, but it is dated 2008. Can it still be used?



  2. Darlene Melton

    Hi! I’m seeking a food manufacturer that can help me make and package my gourmet mac & cheese products! I have Spicy mac bites appetizers that require packaging as a frozen food product. Can you help me, or point me in the right direction? Any assistance is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  3. Darlene Melton

    I am seeking a food manufacturer that can help me with my gourmet mac & cheese products! My spicy mac bites appetizers need packaging in a frozen version. Any ideas or suggestions would be great! Thanks!

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